Zerto 9.0U1 GUI feedback

  • Just upgraded Zerto from 8.5U3 to 9.0U1 and I have few comments.

    Generally, the GUI seems to be more responsive but I found a few annoying caveats.

    1. When editing VPG all VMs are displayed in the default group. Only when hit the define boot order button they displayed correctly. Unfortunately, this behaviour is intermittent.
    2. On the Replication tab in the VM Setting when a VM is selected and I try edit settings for it and select a different recovery host, datastores are still pointing to a previous one (from the VPG settings) even when they are not accessible from that host.
    3. On the Storage tab, when changing Recovery Volume Location a search box is missing when choosing a datastore. The same thing happens when choosing a datastore in the place mentioned above.
    4. This is more a request than a noticed bug, but when leaving the Default group in boot order empty, a message pops up that the empty groups would be ignored. I would love to see a checkbox “do not show this message again”. It is quite annoying seeing this 100 times when changing VPGs.
    5. And another feature request. Moving VM between different VPGs. I am surprised this is not implemented yet. I know that I can leave the mirror .vmdk files and target them when adding a VM to other VPG but why this is not automated yet? Also, this is OK if the .vmdk have meaningful names but sometimes they are renamed and they take a Z-VRAH name. I assume this is the SDRS result, but this is a useful feature that makes moving a VM between VPG a nightmare. Especially when it has multiple disks of the same size.

    This is it. 🙂

    I would love to see a U2 as soon as possible.

    The boot order display is getting reset to default when adding extra VM to the VPG.

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