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Zerto 8.5 and Windows 2008 question.

  • Does Zerto 8.5 support Windows 2008 replication, failover? Meaning can I create a vpgĀ  for a Windows 2008 server and sync it, before failing it over to another site?


    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    As per the 8.5 Zerto Virtual Replication Operability Matrix. I don’t see replicating Windows server 2008 is an issue. However, you can’t install ZVM on Windows server 2008 as it’s currently not supported and I’ll share the Zerto Matrix for your future reference.


    I hope I’ve answered your questions, If you’ve any issue replicating Win server 2008 then I would suggest opening a ticket with the support.

    Best regards,


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