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Zerto 7.5 U1 upgradeand ZVRAs timer glitch

  • I have upgraded Zerto from 7.0 U1 to 7.5 U1 and discovered strange timer glitch notification on every ZVRA (in Main DC and DR site) console:


    [ 6008.881072] rc.local[439]: 2nd attempt: now =6008585
    [ 6008.881572] rc.localp439]: Timer glitch: lastTimestampMs=6008585 now=6068586

    As far as I am aware is not affecting replication but I want to know what it is and what is related to?

    Interested to see what this as i’m thinking of upgrading as well

    Got reply from Zerto:

    This is a known issue when accessing the VRA via VMWare console from Zerto version 7 and above. It is addressed to be resolved in a future release.

    In addition to my last email, please note that this does not impact Zerto functionality, and that if you will access the VRA using SSH, you will not see the timer glitch.

    So go ahead and upgrade Dain

    The reason you don’t see the glitch when using SSH vs Vmware vm console is Linux outputs errors to the console and not a tty session.  The errors will be in the system logs, typically in /var/log/messages or the flavor default


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