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Zero SQL server compatibility

  • Hello,

    We are running Zerto version 7.0 U22 Build 5 and have an external Zerto SQL database on SQL Server 2012. I am planning to migrate this database to a different server.

    Can you confirm the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server that is compatible with the version of Zerto we are running? I have looked at the interoperability matrix on your website but it only shows from version 7.5 and above.

    Also, do you see an issue if I migrate the Zerto SQL database to an Azure VM running on Microsoft Server 2016/19 with a compatible version of Microsoft SQL server installed?

    Many Thanks

    Hi Aron,

    Guy from Zerto Support Here.

    Based on the legacy interoperability matrix (linked below), the newest version of SQL Server compatible with ZVM 7.0U2b5 is Enterprise/Standard/Express 2016.

    Please note that the external ZVM SQL server database recovery model must be configured to Simple.

    As for your second query about hosting the external DB on Azure, this should work fine. Please feel free to open a support ticket if you run into any issues.

    Legacy interoperability matrix: https://s3.amazonaws.com/zertodownload_docs/6.5_Latest/Zerto+Virtual+Replication+Operability+Matrix.pdf


    Thanks for confirming Guy!

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