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ZCM at version N, with ZCC-sites at N-2

  • Hi,
    I believe it is ok, but want to swing this past you.
    We have v6.5 and as part of upgrading we need to get several customers off version 6.0

    is there a issue if we upgrade the ZCM to v7 while we still have customer sites connected via ZCC at version 6?
    The ZVMs would stay at v6.5

    And, further, any issue running with ZCM at v7 with ZVMs at v6.5 for an extended period?
    (Normally it’s only a week or two)


    Mike from Zerto here. As with the ZVMs, the ZCM cannot be more than one version apart from any of the ZVMs linked to it, so having a ZCM on 7.0 is not supported with ZVMs that are still on 6.0.

    A 7.0 ZCM should have no issues with a ZVM on 6.5.

    Not sure from your answer if you mean ZVMs appearing udner “Sites” in ZCM, or ZVMs paired via ZCC.

    To clarify, the ZCN would be v7.0
    the ZVMs the ZCM is “linked to” under “sites” in ZCM would all be 6.5 – within 1
    it is only customer ZCC-paired ZVMs that would be at 6.0 (e.g. “customer sites” within the Orgs on ZCM
    (and our ZVMs would be 6.5, so within 1 of the customers)

    Is that doable, or do ZCC-paired “org sites” also ned to be within 1?

    Hello Michael,

    I meant any site, both the ones linked under sites and the ones paired to ZCCs would have to be one version away. Your customer sites are included in that. Sorry if I was unclear.

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