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ZCA installation on Azure

  • While Installing ZCA on Azure. It is asking for two subnets and one Public ip. May i know the purpose of two subnets. And also is it mandatory to have Public ip to ZCA instance, instead of public ip  whether we can use private ip for ZCA instance??

    I too see this.  Nothing in the guides confirm why two subnets are required.


    is that ZCA 7? since I  updated my ZCA from 6.5 to 7.0 and nothing about 2 subnets an public ips

    Yes the ZCA in azure using the marketplace.  Where can i get hold of v7 for azure?


    Can download v7 from the Zerto downloads page. I dont usually deploy from marketplace. Much more control to spin up a clean VM and then deploy directly from Zerto v7 installer for Azure.

    The template for Zerto 7.0 in the Marketplace does require a second subnet and a public IP.  However, this is not a requirement of the product.  You can remove these things after deploying the template, or deploy manually to a Windows VM in Azure by downloading the software in MyZerto.

    Neal Stearns

    Zerto Support

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