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Workflows for vRealize Automation/Orchestration

  • I’ll start out with saying that I’m new to vRealize Automation and Orchestration.

    I’d like to write workflows that call out to Zerto in order to create VPGs and migrate VMs.  Is there a plugin or similar available that has some prebuilt tasks?  Otherwise, where do I start on using the Zerto API.  I just need a point in the right direction so I can get started.

    Also, we are currently using Zerto 3.5 update 7.  Am I going to need to upgrade to get this functionality?

    Hey Michael,

    We don’t have plugins but we do have pre-made examples of integration. If you go to MyZerto Technical Documentation and download “Automating Zerto Virtual Replication with PowerShell and REST APIs Whitepaper v2.0.pdf” you will get all the info you need. You should also upgrade to ZVR 4.5 x as a minimum if you want to automate VM protection and 4.x is a minimum for the majority of the API calls. Any further questions let me know. Thanks,


    Just wanted to add that besides the REST API documentation, I found this site useful for configuring the vRO side to use Zerto:


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