Will changing the name of our VCSA affect Zerto?

  • VMware vCenter Server Appliance

    We’re looking to change the hostname of our VCSA server which requires doing the following steps:

    All deployed plug-ins will need to be re-registered.
    All custom certificates will need to be regenerated.
    vCenter HA will need to be reconfigured.
    Hybrid Link with Cloud vCenter server has to be recreated.
    Active Directory will need to be rejoined.

    Will doing this affect anything Zerto related?


    Mike from Zerto here. Zerto does have a plug-in, so you would need to run a Reconfigure to re-register it with vCenter. For directions on running a Reconfigure, please see the following:


    I would also recommend using the Reconfigure to confirm that Zerto is using the hostname of the VCSA to connect to it, the very first screen of the Reconfigure will show that. If Zerto is, then I would recommend changing that to the IP address to allow for changes like this to be made without issue.

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