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Where do I confirm PortGroupName in Hyper-V?

  • I’m plannning VRA auto-deplyment.
    To use REST API , I’m prepiaring input file of CSV format.

    This question is about input file’s column “PortGroupName”

    I know how to comfirm “PortGroupName” in only vSphere environment.
    But in Hyper-V environment I don’t.
    Please taech me how to comfirm “PortGroupName” in Hyper-V env.

    How to check “PortGroupName” in vSphere env.
    The ‘PortGroupName’ can be confirmed In the vSphere Web Client:
    1. Navigate to the host.
    2. On the Configure tab, expand Networking and select Virtual switches.
    3. Select a standard switch from the list. …
    4. In the topology diagram of the switch, click the name of the port group.


    Hello, Atir from Zerto here.

    Please look at our Hyper-V online guide API section:


    *If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll post this in our Product Q&A and get back to you with an answer.

    Thank you!


    Thank you for comment.

    I checked URL I recived ,but I didn’t find topic about input file of Bulk Automated VRA Deployment.
    I want to get how to check concrete procedure of parameter “PortGroupName” (What is “PortGroupName??? Where should I check in Hyper-V environment?)

    If you have any idea , please teach me…

    I think Zerto published reference of Bulk Automated VRA Deployment is a based on vSphere environment.
    For example, Select hostname column is “ESXiHostName” in column of input file.
    But In case Hyper-V , column of “ESXiHostName” fill out Hyper-V hostname.
    Because this is it , I feel so complex.

    I hope Zerto prepear some material based on Hyper-V environment.

    Thank you!

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