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What’s new Zerto 9.0U3p3

  • Can I have updated release notes with the changes implemented in U3P3 version?

    Why documentation is not up to date when new software is released?



    Same for 9.0U4 and 9.5U1, they’ve been out for download for a couple hours and yet no updated release notes. I would think you’d put the docs out there first ahead of the download.

    Lawrence O, You can see the release notes under the following link: https://help.zerto.com/category/Release%20Notes

    Please note that updates aren’t explicitly mentioned, but the release notes themselves are of the latest update:

    9.5U1 – https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Zerto_v9.5_Release_Notes/resource/Zerto_v9.5_Release_Notes.pdf

    9.0U4 – https://help.zerto.com/bundle/Zerto_v9.0_Release_Notes/resource/Zerto_v9.0_Release_Notes.pdf

    Hope this helps,


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