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What is VRAH?

  • I found Z-VRAH-IP-213711 in vCenter

    No Guest OS information and No ip

    Also, There’s no allocated network

    What is that?

    Hello Hyunwoo,

    A VRA Helper is a VM linked to a VRA, which provides additional available SCSI targets.
    A VRA Helper does not have an OS and therefore does not have an IP address or use VMware tools.
    A VRA Helper is created proactively at the target site and prior to the target VRA reaching the SCSI target limit. Normally, once a VRA or a Helper reaches 50 attached volumes, the ZVM will create and deploy a new VRA helper.
    Similar to a VRA, a VRA Helper must be left to Zerto Virtual Replication to manage, and must not be modified for any reason.


    Thanks for reply Iris

    BTW, I saw VRA can reach 60 SCSI volumes by each 4 controllers on your KB

    Then, Which is correct?

    Hi Hyunwoo,


    60 is correct, and VRA-Hs are spun up and down by Zerto automatically when nearing(not exactly) the 60-disk limit of the VRA or the last VRA-H.

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