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VVol Implementation

  • We are looking at implementing vvols and looking for documentation from Zerto on how to configure replication and trying to get general questions answered such as if you deploy a vm on a vvol, can zerto automatically pick it up for replication to ease management.

    • Requirements for Feature 
    — vCenter 6.5+ version is required 
    • Though vVols are supported starting from VC 6.0, ZVM uses VC API which was introduced in VC 6.5 
    — A vVol datastore available in vCenter 
    — Zerto 8.0 is required 
    — All protected discs size should be multiples of 1Mb 
    • Workflow Description 
    — No additional steps required from user. All basic flows should work as usual 
    • Zerto Capabilities 
    — vVol datastore can be selected in VPG 
    — VRA can be installed on vVols datastore 
    — FOL/FOT/Move operations can be done on vVols 
    — FOL/FOT/Move can be done in combinations vVols vVols and vVols <-> other type of datastores
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