vSphere Plugin uninstall

  • Posting this on behalf of David.Y

    Can the vSphere Plugin be removed by some other method than uninstalling the ZVM from the Windows server? (KB000001497)


    Hello David,

    Mike from Zerto here. There is no other way from a Zerto perspective to remove the plugin without uninstalling the ZVM. I would suggest contacting VMware for steps on how to remove a plugin.

    Thank you for the answer. I asked the question as the entire Zerto environment is being rebuilt after having torn it down to free much needed disk space at one site (all VRAs and VPGs were deleted). Before attempting contact with VMware, I powered-on the old ZVM virtual machines and uninstalled the Zerto application. One site completed without errors, the other presented the following: UnRegister vCenter plug-in Failed to un register plug-in

    Any suggestions?


    Hello David,

    Elad from Zerto here.

    You might have to reinstall the Zerto plugin. To do so, please use the solution steps in the following KB:


    Thank you for the KB. Unfortunately, under Methods, UnregisterExtension does not exist. The vCenter is an older one (version Build Number 7977753).

    Also, retrying the install produces a warning, but only to verify the prior Virtual Manager was uninstalled. The installation then completed successfully.

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