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vSphere 6.5 upgrade – Zerto compatibility?

  • We are planning for vSphere 6.5 upgrade and looking for compatibility matrix with Zerto

    12+ years of experience in VMware who is vExpert NSX 2016, vExpert 2015/2016 and Currently working as Senior VMware Solutions Architect where I Design, Implement, support and Manage the Virtual Infrastructure at Align IaaS (vCloud Director)

    Hey Sateesh,

    ZVR 5.0 Update 1 supports vSphere 6.5 and you can download the interop matrix from here:


    Following is the upgrade process I would recommend:

    1. Upgrade ZVMs to 5.0 U1
    2. Upgrade VRAs
    3. Take backup of VPG config (from the Zerto diagnostics tool on the ZVM)
    4. Upgrade the vCenters
    5. Move the protected VMs off an ESXi host (vMotion/change target host)
    6. Verify successful upgrade in-place of ESXi host using new built-in update manager on vCenter
    7. Move VMs back and verify replication/test failover
    8. Upgrade the remaining ESXi hosts one by one




    Is using the vsphere 6.5 upgrade and migration process supported to migrate from a Windows vCenter to a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). Is there anything to be aware of when the new VCSA assumes the name and IP address of the Windows vCenter.

    Other than backing up the VPG config as stated above as there a specific process that should be followed?

    Per VMware documentation if the Migration from Windows vCenter to VCSA fails you  shutdown the VCSA and boot(poweron) on the Windows vCenter as a rollback process. How does that affect Zerto?

    My understanding is the migration powers off the Windows vCenter in order to preserve MOBIDs and GUIDs. Is there an impact on Zert0 buy doing this?


    Does Zerto 5.0U1 also support 6.5.0a which was just recently released?


    This is in response to Aric T’s question on support for 6.5.0a, the answer is yes it is supported. That was just a minor update to add support for NSX 6.3.0


    are there any know Zerto issue  or Compatibility with  upgrading Vcenter 6.5 to  build 2b update

    There are no known issues.  We support vSphere 6.5 U2.

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