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vSphere 6.0 standard license and local storage

  • We have some hosts that are stand alone hosts with ESXi 6.0 standard licence running on them and have only local storage in our protected VMware site.
    Is it possible to use zerto to sync the VM’s on each of those stand alone hosts to our recovery, that is running on ESXi 6.5 cluster with multiple hosts that have vDS swtiches and SAN luns for storage?


    Mike from Zerto here. In order to replicate between hosts managed by the same vCenter, you would need to activate self-replication. Please see the following link for directions on how to activate self-replication:


    After that, when you create a VPG, you should be able to select the same vCenter site and point the replication to other hosts in the same vCenter.

    Thanks Mike.  Let me clarify a little better.  We have two vCenter servers:  One vCenter (6.5) protected site and one vCenter (6.5) at our recovery site.

    The standalone VM hosts are in our protected site vCenter inventory.  These 3 standalone VM hosts are not part of cluster as they only have standard vShpere licences.  We would like to do use Zerto to protect these servers at our recovery site for DR purposes.



    Hello Vince,

    Thank you for clarifying. Hosts do not have to be in a cluster in order to replicate the VMs running on them, so yes, you can replicate those VMs to your recovery site.

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