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vRealize Operations Manager

  • Are there any plans to release a management pack for Zerto integration with vROPs?

    I assume that since Zerto alarms are logged into the vCenter that they can be detected via vROPs?

    Hi Graham!

    I’m checking into this for you to see if we have tested it and/or where it may be on the roadmap otherwise. I haven’t personally tested it yet but I would imagine you may be able to at least collect trap information from within vROps. I’ll let you know!



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    Hi Graham,

    We’ve looked into integration with vROps and have had some success, but I’m not sure yet if that will turn into making a management pack for vROps yet. Thanks for the inquiry! any additional information you can provide around what you’d like to see and sizes of the environments would be helpful in planning our roadmap, too!

    Thank you!


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    Have another request for this.  Has this been revisited since last year?

    I would also be interested if one was made available.

    And another request, or even a white paper on how some things could be integrated where applicable.  Good for very large environments.

    Hi all,

    I asked for an update on this from the product/development teams.

    Will report back as soon as I hear anything.

    In the meantime, since we always look to our customer base to improve the product – it would be worthwhile to submit a formal feature request so the Zerto teams responsible for driving product updates are aware that there is interest in this area.

    I too would be interested in this. Thanks.

    Here’s another vote for a vROps management pack to pull Zerto information into vROps.  In the interim I’ll be working on scripting to get what we need most, but an actual management pack would be extremely helpful.

    Hi Bob et al,  Zerto product management allows our customers and partners to log feature requests via a portal on MyZerto.

    Please do let us know what problems you think would be solved with this integration or vote on any existing feature requests. — Justin

    +1 on this. Has it been entered into the Feature Requests?

    The mass of email notifications creates too much noise and we find that we don’t get relevant on going issues in time to keep the VPGs within RPO target of 4 Hours for the impacted clients.


    EDIT: I see the feature request was logged a year+ ago.

    Please go to https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/ serach for vrops and vote.

    Hi Zerto,

    Any news with this?

    I would like to see this implemented as well.

    Add my voice to the request as well.  Alternatively, a white paper on integrating directly with ServiceNow event management so we can ensure we are creating tickets as many times there is a lot of “noise” associated with a single event.

    Adding one more vote

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