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vRealize Operations Manager

  • Are there any plans to release a management pack for Zerto integration with vROPs?

    I assume that since Zerto alarms are logged into the vCenter that they can be detected via vROPs?

    Hi Graham!

    I’m checking into this for you to see if we have tested it and/or where it may be on the roadmap otherwise. I haven’t personally tested it yet but I would imagine you may be able to at least collect trap information from within vROps. I’ll let you know!



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    Hi Graham,

    We’ve looked into integration with vROps and have had some success, but I’m not sure yet if that will turn into making a management pack for vROps yet. Thanks for the inquiry! any additional information you can provide around what you’d like to see and sizes of the environments would be helpful in planning our roadmap, too!

    Thank you!


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    Have another request for this.  Has this been revisited since last year?

    I would also be interested if one was made available.

    And another request, or even a white paper on how some things could be integrated where applicable.  Good for very large environments.

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