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VRA VM overrides – auto power on?

  • We are upgrading most of our infra from vSphere 6.0x to 6.5u1. One of the inconsistencies is whether VRA’s will automatically power on after the host comes back online.  We are on Zerto 5.5u2p1.

    Most of our clusters all have VM Overrides set for each VRA to Disable both DRS automation and HA restart priority for each VRA that is pinned to a host. The VRA installation process creates these overrides.

    On most hosts under VM Startup/Shutdown the VRA has automatic startup enabled for the VRA even though the dialog clearly states “If the host is part of a vSphere HA cluster, the automatic startup and shutdown of virtual machines is disabled.”

    How does Zerto manage to violate this and how can I change it on hosts that don’t have VRA’s set to automatic startup? I’m stumped as to why some of our hosts do not have automatic startup of VRA’s yet most do.





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