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VRA not reporting VMs

  • My customer has a remote site with a quite bad connection back to HQ. I managed to install VRAs on the hosts at the site, which took some hours, but the site’s virtual machines are not visible in the ZVM UI. The ZVM is located at HQ. I suspect the connection is the problem here.

    Is there any tweaking I can do so the VMs will show up in the ZVM UI at the HQ?

    Hi Rutger,

    What hypervisor is the customer using?  Are they managing two physical datacenters with one ZVM/hypervisor manager?

    The answer may lie within the VMs themselves.  They may not be showing in the ZVM because we may not support replication on them.

    Hello Ryan,

    vSphere 6. This particular remote site is managed by the vCenter instance at HQ.

    Do the VMs have IDE drives for their hard drives?

    No. The vms were in a working VPG before reinstallation of Zerto. I believe it is related to the bad connection. The cluster’s resources are often disconnecting in vCenter as well.

    Hi Rutger,

    Awaiting a response from my team but in the interim I suggest opening a ticket with support.

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