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VRA Maintenance Mode – Evacuation of VPGs

  • When putting an ESXi host into maintenance mode and the VRAs shut down, should the VPGs hosted on that VRA be automatically migrated to another VRA on another host?

    I thought this was the case but this isn’t occurring. I can migrate manually of course if needed.

    Hey there, this is Matt, with Zerto Support.

    VPGs will not automatically migrate away when a host is put into maintenance mode. Any VPGs still connected to the host will stop replicating while maintenance continues, and then go into Delta Sync when the host is brought out of maintenance. Please see the below documentation on putting a host into maintenance mode.


    Hope this helps!

    Why is Zerto not able to work with VMware so that as part of putting the host in maintenance mode, the VRA is shut down automatically AFTER the last VM is migrated off?  This would be so much easier than having to manually migrate all the VM’s off, manually shut down the VRA, and THEN put it in maintenance mode?  It kind of defeats the whole VMware Maintenance Mode process.  FYI, doing it the way I described actually works most of the time, but sometimes – seemingly after a timeout period of maybe 30 minutes – the VRA shuts down anyway (before all the VM’s are off) and then it can take Zerto some time to catch up with delta syncs.

    Hello Tom,

    I have gone ahead and created a feature request  FRS-I-283 on your behalf.

    Feature requests can be submitted via Myzerto at the following link: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/feature-requests/.
    Our new Feature request portal will also allow you to view existing feature requests as well as voting or commenting on it.

    Thank you!

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