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VRA – Live Migration on SCVMM Cluster

  • We have just recently started using Zerto, at the recommendation of our DR partner.  The Agent (or Agents) are installed on both Hosts of a SCVMM (Hyper V) Cluster.

    The SCVMM is 2016, with the hosts running Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

    The issue I am having is when I try maintenance on the Cluster, and attempt to put one host into Maintenance mode.  The ZRA will refuse to migrate over, and basically block the entire maintenance option (it fails).  If I shut down the ZRA on the Host, and manually migrate each VM I can then put the host into maintenance, but frankly that is not ideal.

    My other concern is what happens if I have a host failure of some type, and the ZRA blocks the other VM’s from migrating to the Good Host.

    Anyone else run into this?  Please excuse me if this is a basic question – we have not had much exposure to Zerto.

    We have the same setup and same issue as well, we have engaged Microsoft and they have been able to prove that it is not HyperV or SCVMM 2016 causing the migration issue. We are trying to get Zerto on the phone with Microsoft to work things out, but no luck yet.

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