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VRA install does not see DVSwitch networks

  • I’ve just been handed an issue where, upon installing a VRA onto a group of ESX hosts (v5.5.u2) the VRA install wizard is unable to see the DVSwitch networks, only the standard switch networks. Networking on this host works as expected, otherwise.


    Has anyone encountered this and if so, what was your solution?




    Hi Pete,

    Can you confirm for me if you have added all hosts in the cluster to the Distributed vSwitch, please? If they haven’t been added, please add them and try again in order for ZVR to be able to take advantage of these portgroups.



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    Was there a resolution to this? I am having the same issue and have confirmed that all hosts in the cluster are in the dvSwitch. VMs network OK on those port groups but when I try to install VRA, the network drop-down is empty


    I do apologize, this was some months ago and I should’ve followed up with my findings.

    While I wasn’t able to resolve the network configuration matter during the VRA deployment I was able to change the network adapter assignment post-deploymentby editing the virtual machine and selecting the DVSwitch network from the drop-down option on the adapter.

    While it doesn’t address the original issue it was a useful workaround that got me past the issue.



    I have been able to reproduce and fix this error twice now.  One way to create the issue is to remove a host from vcenter without first removing it from the DVSitches.  When you add the host back and tell the switches to fix themselves, the networks will not list in Zerto.

    To Fix the issue, I removed the host from all DVSwitches, refreshed Zerto Services, Add the Host back to DVSwitches, refreshed Zerto Services.  Once completed, I was able to see all of the networks.

    (note)  I was able to fix it a third time, just by refreshing the Zerto web interface instead of the services.


    Hi, we had the same issue and I didn’t receive a work around from support after opening a ticket but we (on a Cisco UCS B200 blade Svr) ended up re adding a local vSwitch (vpshere and esxi 6.5) with no adapters, to the VM ESXi host after we failed to install the VRA from the Zerto GUI, then after the VRA (new or in our case, a rebuild of the cisco blade svr with the VMware esxi OS) was built/installed, we switched the VRA VM vmxnet3 Nic over to the distributed level switch.  its been running (connected) for couple of days now with no alarms.

    Thank you for this information, Ralph!

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