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VRA creation failed

  • Hi

    I have successfully installed Zerto, but when trying to install the VRA to 2012R2 Hyper-V it fails with

    fail to create folder c:\ZertoAgent\ZVM

    When I manually create the folder it fails with

    Failed to delete agent files on host


    the SCVMM runas account used during installation does have domain admin rights

    Any advice will be appreciated

    Thank you

    Hi Carel

    Please check our operablity matrix to see that ZVM only runs on Window Server.  I hope this helps


    Zerto Product Manager

    Hi Amy


    Thank you for the reply. I have also been in contact with Zerto Support (Eitan gave excellent support) and they pointed me to this link, which did assist with resolving the problem





    Thanks, this also resolved the deployment of VRA on a new Hyper-V 2016 cluster!

    The error was: Error (22632)
    The script command standard error matched the failure policy setting “Match any string” with its result LoadLibrary(C:\Windows\system32\WdfCoInstaller01011.dll) failed: 126
    The WdfCoInstaller01011.dll library needs to be in same directory as zloadmod.exe. For more information, see the standard error log C:\Windows\TEMP\gce_stderror2eb8cf680a9e451083d29874ca3853b3.log.

    The script command cmd.exe /c powershell.exe c:\zerto-temp-vmh31til02.isah.local\Hvdriver_20180208P0741\zloadmod.exe -r zintercept_20180208P0741 was executed on the computer vmh31til02.isah.local and returned a result exit code: 1.

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