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VPG0043 on one VM

  • Hi, we’re running ZVR version 6.5, the protected site is running SCVMM/Hyper-V 2016, the recovery site is running vSphere 6.5. I am protecting 3 Windows VMs, each one in its own VPG. The ZVM UI on the protected site is alerting that one of the VPGs has a VPG0043 “The Microsoft default SAN policy might cause VM <VM-name><VPG name> volumes to become offline upon recovery”. I ran diskpart to check the SAN policy on all three VMs and all three of them say Offline Shared, but ZVM is only showing this alert on one of the three. Two of the three guest OS’s are Windows 2012 R2, the third one is 2016. The one with the alert is one of the 2012 R2 guests. All three VMs are hosted on the same Hyper-V host. The VM in question contains is configured in Hyper-V with SCSI Controllers, the first one has the C Drive .VHDX and the second one has drives D, L and X .vhdx’s.

    Any idea why I’m getting this alert and why it’s only appearing on one VPG/VM?

    Regards, George.

    Hi, I performed a test failover of the problem VM and only the C and D drives appeared.  Windows Disk Manager on the replica VM only shows C and D. On the source VM both of these drives are connected to the first SCSI controller, drives L and X are on the second SCSI controller. I edited the settings on the replica VM that’s in my DR vSphere environment and noticed that Zerto gave it an “LSI Logic SAS” Controller containing drives C and D and an “LSI Logic Parallel” controller containing drives L and X. Could this be why drives L and X are missing? I found a Zerto KB article that said to go into diskpart on the source VM and set the SAN policy to “onlineall”, but as I stated in my first post, the SAN policy on all 3 source VMs is set to “offline shared” and 2 of them are failing over well. Each of the 2 that are failing over well have all their .VHDX disks connected to a single SCSI Controller.

    I’ve just deleted the problem VM’s VPG altogether and have set the source VM’s SAN policy to “onlineall” and then I created a new VPG and it still gives me the “VPG0043 The Microsoft default SAN policy might cause VM <VM-name><VPG name> volumes to become offline upon recovery”

    Does anyone have any other ideas or know what’s going wrong here?


    Hi, I logged a support case with Zerto and it turns out to be a bug:-

    It seems that the Windows Server 2012 R2 guest operating systems are unable to access storage on a virtual machine configured with the LSI Logic SCSI adapter. The issue hits a known issue in this version. The root cause is that when we replicate from Hyper-V to VMware, we create SCSI controllers in a number NOT the same as the protected VM has, but as a much as needed to support that number of disks. (1 controller can hold more than 10 disks). The issue is that we only created the first SCSI controller mapping the source VMs but the second one was created based on the default setting in the target environment, which, in this case, is not supported by the VM.


    The issue will be fixed in the future releases (target not defined yet), the current workaround is to change the protected VM to use 1 SCSI controller for all disks. Otherwise, the controller type needs to be changed manually after failover.

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