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VPG to VApp dependuncy

  • Hello,

    With the new 5.5 release of Zerto, is the VPG to VApp (VCD) dependency still in effect as with earlier versions? Do we now have the capability to select VMs from different VApps and assign to the same VPG?

    Hi Ravi,

    Are you guys protecting from vCD to vCenter or from vCenter to vCD?

    VCD to VCD.


    I have asked my product and engineering teams about this and will reply as soon as I hear back!

    Hi Ravi,

    This is the answer I received from the product team:

    No, the vApp <> VPG relationship is 1<>1. When protecting a vApp, you can’t select which VMs to add from the vApp nor adding VMs from other vApps. Whenever a VM is added to a vApp (external to the ZVM), it’s automatically added to the VPG which is protecting this vApp.

    Hopefully this helps!


    Hi Ryan,


    Does this also apply when its from non vcd to vcd?




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