VPG Settings API Server Error

  • Hi,

    Request Information

    URL/Endpoint: https://hostname:9669/v1/vpgSettings

    Method: POST

    Body: {“VpgIdentifier”:”a2f8d9b5-4504-4217-843a-f9556f4c8968″}

    Headers: {x-zerto-session: “session id”}

    I am getting the error mentioned below

    ” Request Error

    The server encountered an error processing the request. Please see the service help page for constructing valid requests to the service “

    I believe this error is being caused by Bad request. I am getting this error for only one of my zerto host, But it seems to be working fine on rest of my zerto hosts.

    zerto version: 5.5

    In order to see what’s wrong I would love to see a bit more code, the error message is a bit to generic. Could you share the code? Are all the Zerto hosts running the same version?


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