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VPG rollback Error

  • Hi All,

    Since upgrading to ZVR 5.5 u4 and vCloud 9.1 we have seen issues around fail over test timing out for VPG’s randomly then roll back failing causing the worse case situation of VPG force delete, stuck VM clean up etc.


    We are aware of adding time out tweaks and have done so but are still seeing this issue, has anyone else seen the problem? We have only seen this become and issue since going to 5.5 U4 from version 5.0.

    It’s not reproducible for the same VPG 1 time it will work 1 time it won’t so on an so forth.


    Hopefully someone else has anything else to add to this


    Hi Daniel – It sounds like this issue may be best suited for review from our support team so they can dive a bit deeper. Have you already opened a ticket?

    Yes case is open

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