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VPG Outside of ZORG

  • Hello, I am trying to figure out what a particular error I am get means. The message reads:

    “VPG outside of ZORG. Erros from recovery side. VPG contains resources that re not assigned to the ZORG. Move the protected resources to the ZORG or Change the contents of the VPG. VM uses a root resource poll, but it belongs to a ZORG….”

    I am a multi-tenant cloud provided and am using ZCM. I was curious if it was possible that I was getting these errors because of the fact that I don’t have specific resource pool for each Client / ZORG… or maybe I am way off.

    Hello Cody,

    1. you can follow our KB:

    2 .In case of ICDR (hosting) make sure that all the resources being used on that VPG is allocated to the zORG (networks, resources polls and datastores.)

    3. In case of DRaaS make sure that the recovery resources are allocated to the zORG.

    You can find all the relevant info on the KB.


    I am using ZORGS. The question is do I have to have resource pools on both sides. I don’t currently have resource pools setup on one end and Suspect that is the problem, but I wanted to confirm before I start setting up massive scale.

    Hello Cody,

    You should be able to add the protected site resources to the ZORG in question without Resource Pools. If that is not the case, please open a support case for troubleshooting.

    It is likely due to the resource pool. If the VM is not in a specific resource pool that is part of the ZORG then it’s in the root resource pool essentially. Since you can’t add the root resource pool to a ZORG, it will give that warning.

    Hi Connie,

    I have the exact same issue. We are a Cloud Service Provider and currently leverage ZCM. My source site is HyperV 2012 and DR is VMWare 6.5. All the source and dr resources are added in to ZORG for this HyperV tenent. When I try to create a VPG it gives me the exact same warning.


    VPG Out of ZORG. Errors from Protected Site. VPG contains resources that are not assigned to ZORG. Move Protected resources to ZORG or change the contents of the VPG.

    Details: Protected VM is on root resource Pool, but it belongs to a ZORG.

    From the error message it is event that ZVM is complaining about the source side Resource Pool is missing from the ZORG, however, we do not have any resource pools created in the HyperV side and we do not intend to use HyperV resource Pools either. Do you know if there is a way around this to successfully create a VPG.

    NOTE: The HyperV resource Pools are different in function compared to VMWare Resource Pools. HyperV  resource pools are mostly used for resource metering.

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