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VPG failover backend process

  • I want to know if in case my VPG is in meeting SLA state, that means all of protected side disks are replicating to recovery side . So, at the time of failover , if we dont have much storage available at recovery side that leads to FOT failure . Since the disks are already replicated and then why FOT fails due to less storageĀ  ??

    any suggestions

    Hi Mandeep, Guy from Zerto Support Here.
    Please note that a failover, be it live or test, will require the creation of an additional scratch volume for each VM that is failed over. The scratch volume will contain all IOs generated by the VM during the operation, in order that these can be tracked.

    Please review the following documentation about the journal + scratch volumes:


    In addition, if there is a specific issue you are facing please feel free to open a support ticket through the myZerto portal.

    Best Regards,

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