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VPG delay

  • Hi,


    i wonder if anyone can help, is there a way to delay a whole VPG from starting its VMs? Basically I have about 6 VPGs and I would like, in a fail over or test process, to start up a full VPG set of VMs before I start the other VMs in the other VPGs. Is this possible or is the only way to delay the starting of VMs within the boot option per VPG?




    Hi Harry,

    thanks for the reply. I think I will just be managing them manually now anyway as delaying the boot order will only effect the VMs in one group and not others so I cant achieve what I am trying unless I use some kind of pre-boot script.


    Sounds good, Simon. Thanks for the reply. Another option, pending you can test the One-to-Many function, is you can make another VPG with all of your VMs within, and set boot ordering in the entirety of your VMs. Of course there are pros and cons depending on what you wish to accomplish, but it’s an option you can try out.


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