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VPG Creation, Set volume to thin

  • I see there is a section within the VPGSettings API to set volumes as thin when creating a VPG via powershell cmdlts.  However, it appears that it requires a volume ID, which makes sense so it knows which volumes to make thin.  But there’s no API command that will query the volume ID info from the protected site.


    Does anyone have any experience with how to set volumes as thin when bulk creating VPGs?

    Hi John,

    I am by no means a scripter so apologies ahead of time if this doesn’t help.
    I recall one of our customers creating a script to export VM/VPG data in a clean CSV

    Export of VM/VPG data?

    Within that script, it looks as though there is an API command to query the Volume IDs

    Maybe you can take a look there and see if it helps?


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