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VPG creation failed

  • Hi,

    I have been tasked with creating a secondary replication to another site, in preporation to moving the DR site. it includes 16 VPG’s coveint 84 VM’s.

    15 VPG’s created succesfully, 1 will not, it errors and only shows in the events list as:

    Protection group creation. Failed:’No valid storage can be found for storage cluster (cluster name)’
    Does anyone have any ideas?


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto.

    Can you try creating the VPG and manually assign a certain datastore instead of selecting the cluster?

    Hi Vladimir,

    Thanks for the reply, yes i can but it would not have been big enough! I believe this might be the way ZVM see’s the storage cluster, I dont think it believes there is enough space.

    I am increasing the space and trying again.



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