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VPG creation Failed. Failed to add disk scsi0:13

  • Hi there,
    Could anyone please help me the following?
    I’d like to migarate Linux VM with a VMDK volume and 21 RDM volumes using Zerto 7.5U4P2.
    However protection group creation failed after running a VPG Creation.
    And then It’s occurred the following error.

    Protection group creation. Failed: Failed applying configuration to VM (ID vm-xx)
    Message: Failed to add disk scsi0:13
    Fault: Vim25Api.GenericVmConfigFault.
    VMwareFaultException : xx ‘VCenterConnectionLayer.VMwareFaultException’

    I’ve checked the log file lflog.csv in zvm install folder.
    I’ve confirmed that scsi0:13 is not in 21 RDM volumes.

    And then I tried to create VPG again, however I can’t see several RDM volumes.
    Could you tell me what is scsi0:13?
    Also why do I can’t see several RDM volumes after occuring above error?

    Best regards


    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    I would suggest opening a support ticket with us.

    Best regards,

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