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VPG Bandwidth

  • Fairly new to Zerto but have paired 2 sites & replication & testing have gone well but I’ve noticed that even on the initial sync of a new VPG, the “WAN Traffic” metric on the dashboard stays a consistent 10.5 MB/sec & the “Throughput” is usually around 15 MB/sec even though there’s a lot more bandwidth available. I’ve looked for a place where I could change a setting that would allow for more bandwidth to be used so that initial syncs of new VPGs wouldn’t take as long but so far I’ve come up empty. Can anyone shed some light on what I am seeing & if there’s a way to alter this initial sync behavior? Thanks.

    I might also add that no bandwidth throttling has been enabled.

    Did you check the throttling at both sites?

    I know in 6.5, there was a bug with the throttling applying correctly too.

    No throttling is set at either site…at least by the looks of it both are disabled. This is 7.5 btw so hopefully that 6.5 glitch was fixed & it is displaying correctly.

    What is the internet bandwidth at the sites, or the interface speed on the firewall or VPN device?  10.5 MB(ytes)/sec is about max for a 100Mb(its)/sec internet connection.  15MB(ytes)/sec would be the uncompressed data.  Zerto will use all it can.

    Production site is 200 MB & the DR site is 100 MB. So…your figures are about right. Where did you get that info?

    Zerto reports WAN usage in MBps (megaBYTEs/sec) when the majority of all IT and network engineers us Mbps (megaBITs/sec).  There’s 8 bits in a byte, so take your MBps numbers that Zerto shows and multiply by 8.

    Robert was assuming that there’s a 15% overhead (which isn’t wrong most likely!).  So your 10.5MBps=84Mbps.

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