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VMXNET3 DirectPath I/O Enabled

  • We have ESXi 6.5 in our environment.  We’re looking at turning off DirectPath I/O for any VMXNET3 adapters.  The VRA’s have it enabled.  Is that by design?  It is a ‘bug’ and turns on by default so we manually turn it off on our VM’s that we create.


    Contara from Zerto Support.

    The VRA is deployed with a VMXNET3 adapter, which is a 10 Gbps vNIC. A VRA cannot utilize multiple vNICs to improve throughput. This means that a single VRA is bound to 10 Gbps, or 1,250 MBps as a theoretical maximum.

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    Hi Contara,

    Being that the VRA is limited to one vNIC, it seems DirectPath I/O is turned on by design to provide better performance? Looking for clarification. Thanks!


    This is Kalsang from Zerto support.

    Yes, DirectPath I/O is turned on by design to provide better performance.

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    What if we’re utilizing Nutanix clusters with ESXi hypervisor? From what Nutanix keeps telling me. Due to the storage locality, the Direct Path I/O option is recommended to be disabled on all VMware virtual machines.

    Would we still keep it enabled for just the Zerto VRA VM’s?

    I understand the use case for Direct Path if running a tiered architecture like a Flex-Pod or something. Considering vxRail and Nutanix hyper-converged designs, is this still the case?

    Hello Joseph,


    I am Joseph with Zerto. I am investigating your inquiry and will provide a status soon.


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