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VMware security bulletin

  • Hi,

    Broadcom released a security bulletin for VCSA.

    Support Content Notification – Support Portal – Broadcom support portal

    The severity is critical with a score of 9.7, and we are need to patch our vCenter Server to version 7.0U3r.

    Is this version supported by Zerto 9.7 U4 Patch2?

    Hi! We have the same versions and also would like to update. I created a ticket, but got a reply the Zerto SLA of new versions is 90 days from release date… We don’t want to risk breaking the Zerto replication, as this is a critical component in the DR setup.

    Let’s hope Zerto have a fast-track verification of the new vCenter update..

    Got the same reply.

    Then after my comment that it is ridiculous to ask customers to wait 30-90 days to patch an infrastructure, got a reply that they are testing new version and they will update the compatibility matrix as soon as possible.

    I hope this would be in a days not weeks time.


    Any Update on compatibility with vCenter 7.0U3r?

    Interoperability Matrix has been updated. 7.0 U3r is supported now. I updated my servers last night and everything is working perfectly.


    As testers, we might be requested before a release is prepared. Have you run every test final grade calculator possible? Are there any insects present?

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