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VMWare 5.5 adding new machine disk issue

  • We are running VMWare 5.5 and when we try to add a new machine to Zerto we get an error message that looks like this:

    Virtual machines include disks that cannot be protected to a vSphere recovery site. To protect the VMs, the problematic disks must either be removed from the VMs or reconfigured to be a whole number of KBs. Then gives the volume names.

    We have spent hours trying to resize the drives, we got all of them but 1 of them working. We called Zerto support and the techs just wanted us to keep playing with resizing the drive until it would work. Does anyone know how it is calculating the size as not a whole number, and what can we do to ensure that our disk sizes won’t error on Zerto?

    Hi David,

    When you were going through our resize activity, did you look at the disk size in bytes, and then convert to KBs? This will give you a decimal value if the value does not add up to a whole number (I know that sounds a little obvious, but I’m just trying to clarify). At that point, you can resize the disk to a whole number by rounding up that byte value, then reattaching the disk to be used.

    Have you already gotten this working yet?



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