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VMs in hyper-V 2012 R2 not seen

  • hi guys

    we are doing a cross replication Vmware 5.5 and SCVMM 2012 R2 and we are replicating like 90 VMs but about 20 VMs are not being seen

    we are replicating already like 65 VMs from hyper-v ZCVMM 2012 R2 but still like 20 something are not showing up in the VMS tab where you select

    has someone experienced this?

    by the way we already saw this

    Why can’t I select a VM for replication

    thanks a lot

    Hi Carlos,

    I’m sorry your experiencing frustrations with this. One thing you can do, is log into the VI Client (the VMware thick, or C#, client), select the VM, and open the Zerto tab (if you’ve installed the plugin) on that VM. This will show a description as to why the VM can’t be protected if that is the case. *If it can be protected, you’ll see the options to create a VPG or to see the current VPG summary.

    If there isn’t information saying it cannot be protected, and you’ve met all the requirements outlined in the doc you’ve attached, you’ll want to contact support to look into this with you.

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps!


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    hi Harry,

    the case is already escalated to level 2 and they say it has been escalated to Dev, case number is: #00097225

    the problem we don’t know when is going to be fixed and we are in a hurry with this customer


    Thank you for the update.

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    Hi all,

    today, i’ve the same problem on ZERTO 6.5, i’ve seen no real answer here, as the suggestion it to evaluate these 3 pre-requisite which are all negative:

    In a Hyper-V environment:

    • VMs that are part of Hyper-V Replica. This feature creates duplicates of VMs which are problematic for Zerto to track. In order to disable Hyper-V Replica for VMs you wish to protect, please right click them and select ‘Remove replication’.  —> NONE.
    • VMs that have pass-through disks attached to them. This is similar to RDM in VC. However, Zerto does not support replication of such disks. –> NONE
    • VMs with shared VHDX disks. –> NONE

    SO, what to do now?

    Thank you.


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