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VM with IDE virtual disks

  • I have a VM which has got two Virtual Disks that are IDE as opposed to SCSI. I am unable to add this VM to a VPG – it does not appear in the list of VMs that I can select to add to the VPG. Does Zerto not support VMs with IDE virtual disks?

    Oh, I missed your other question. You won’t need to add in the driver for Windows 2008. It just wasn’t included in Windows XP, which is why you have to manually add it before the conversion. I haven’t personally tried this on a 2008 machine, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I definitely recommend backing up your VM, cloning it, etc before this type of change.

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    That is correct. IDE disks will are not supported by Zerto. In order to replicate the VM, you will need to migrate the disks from IDE to iSCSI. Here is a link to VMware which will help you get started on what options you have:


    Thanks very much Florian P. Has anyone tried the procedure in that VMware KB, does it work ok?


    Hi George,

    Yes, I have used both methods outlined in that KB from VMware. I’ve used converter for disks, and I’ve had to inject the driver in Windows XP machines as well.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your post. When you say that you’ve tried both methods outlined in the VMware KB, I’m not sure what you mean? I can only see one 15-step┬ámethod described in that KB.

    Also, my VM is running Windows 2008 R2, it’s not XP. So will the procedure outlined in that KB work for me?

    Regards, George.

    The post mentions using VMware Converter at the beginning, and then goes on to outline the manual process as well. It didn’t read to me as two separate solutions either, but I think that’s what they meant by stating that. ­čÖé


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