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VM failover order inside VPGs

  • Currently running Zerto 8.5. I have built my VPGs with VMs that are all a part of an application group. Is there a way to set the VPG to failover in a particular order? For example One VPG has 3 servers. An Application-Server, Database-Server and Web-Server. I just need to make sure the Database-Server starts up or fails over first before the other two servers. Is there a way to automate this and make sure the VPG follows those rules?



    The following is a link to the Zerto administration guide:




    Starting on page 662 is detail regarding configuring the boot order for VMs on failover. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you.



    Thanks Joseph – That is exactly what I was looking for.


    I just did a test of the boot group feature. I had one VPG with 2 servers. I left Server 1 in the default group which was set to zero. I created another group for Server 2 called 5 Min Delay. I set Server 2 with a 300 second boot delay. When I ran my failover and they did boot in the correct order however the boot time was only less than 20 seconds apart and not 5 minutes as I hoped. For this test I left myself with a 20 minute commit time and rolled it back with out commit once my test was over. Did I miss a step here? Is there a needed value that has to be set in the default group in order for the delay in the second group to wait the full 3oo seconds?


    In reviewing the documentation the boot group feature should work as detailed below. You seem to have configured this correctly. If necessary, please open a case with support for an investigation into your issue. Thank you.


    Boot Delay:

    Specifies a time delay between starting up the virtual machines in the group and starting
    up the virtual machines in the next group. For example, assume three groups, Default, Server, and
    Client defined in this order. The Start-up delay defined for the Default group is 10, for the Server group
    is 100 and for the Client group 0. The virtual machines in the Default group are started together and
    after 10 seconds the virtual machines in the Server group are started. After 100 seconds the virtual
    machines in the Client group are started up.

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