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VCSA 7.0.3Uf

  • With the release of this VMSA, out security team is asking for a quick turnaround to get all vCenters and ESXi patched as recommended.  I know the standard response from Zerto is “90 days” but in this case, can you please provide an expedited validation of Zerto 9.5U1 or at least confirm that HP is doing all they can to assist their customers?  Thanks.

    VMSA-2022-0020: Questions & Answers | VMware

    I can confirm I updated my VCSA to 7.0 U3f and I have maintained journal history. I am running 9.0 U4.

    I have not tried adding VMs, or otherwise modifying my VPGs. Nor have I attempted updating my hosts yet.

    9.5U2 dropped today.  Its not in the interop matrix. I have a case pending for clarification on support for that. Has anyone gotten confirmation that 7.0.3f is supported with 9.5U2?


    OK got this from support. So I guess we have to do the workaround for the recent VCSAs against 7.0.3e.  Happy Thursday people!

    Support response:
    “Regarding vCenter 7.0 U3f, ZVM ZVM 9,5 U2 has the same compatibility as a 9,5 U1, so vCenter 7.0 U3f, is not compatible “

    Thanks for the updates all.  I appreciate it!
    Sad that these guys are not faster!

    FYI, I upgraded to vcenter 7.0.3U3f last week, and U3g today…and my Zerto kept working. My ESXi hosts has also been upgraded to U3g and Zerto is working just fine. Maybe not officially supported as it hasn’t been tested perhaps, but seems like unlike before, these minor release upgrades aren’t breaking Zerto.

    The problem is that it’s one thing to not be compatible, it’s another to not even include the version on the Compatibility Matrix.

    Also, the compatibility Matrix shows compatibility with 7.0 U3e, so support saying it’s not compatible was incorrect

    The new matrix shows compatibility with 7.03Uf.  I assume Ug is OK since that was just a fix for AD integration issues.

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