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vCloud – Exclude VMs from vApp Replication

  • Is there anyway to tell Zerto not to replicate certain VMs within a vApp in vCloud Director.  I see it is possible to configure certain disks as swap disks, which prevents changes being sent after initial sync, but this isn’t quite what I’m looking for.  We’ve got some vApps that contain VMs that we’re not bothered about having available in a DR situation, so don’t need to replicate them at all.

    I guess the answer currently is to split VMs into two vApps, e.g. a “Database Servers – Protected” and “Database Server – Non Protected” vApps, but would be good to know if there is a way and, if there isn’t, what’s the limitation that’s preventing it.




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    Hi Dave,

    You’ve probably already tried it by now, but I wanted to confirm what you were saying about splitting the vApp into multiple vApps to cover protected and non-protected virtual machines.

    There isn’t currently an “excluded VM” option, but we have heard that request before and will certainly consider it.


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