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VCloud Director 9

  • Any idea when Zerto will be certified compatible with Vcloud 9?




    Hi Shane,

    I spoke with the product team and this functionality should be available in ZVR 5.5U2 (available in November).

    As with all releases, this is subject to change but at the moment we plan to have VCD 9 support in 5.5U2!

    Thank you


    That is great news.  Thank you for the quick response.


    Are there any plans for integrating Zerto in the vcloud9 portal now that vcd support’s 3rd party plugins?


    Of that I am not sure.

    I will have to check with other members of my team for an answer!

    Was there any answer on VCD 9 portal integration, now that it accepts 3rd party applications?  Thanks!

    James – At the moment, no

    It is on our radar / roadmap.  Dev and engineering is prioritizing for future updates and releases.

    Hi Ryan,

    Looking at Zerto as a possible backup solution for a greenfield site with vCloud Director 9,

    Is there any doc on the integhration and features Zerto has with respect to a vCloud Director 9 environment?

    Thanks in advance,




    I’m going to repeat James question, more than a year after: is it available any integration with vCD 9.1 or 9.5 using 3rd party plugins?



    Hi Raff – Zerto has existing integrations supported with VCD 9+ for several versions now. I would recommend referencing our interop matrix here . Currently, Zerto does not provide a standalone plugin built on the VCD extensibility framework – there are several feature requests logged for this and I would invite you to provide your feedback on those existing or a new request. To add, our team has had several service providers who have (or are working to) built their own plugins, mainly with utilizing the new ZSSP Session API.  — Justin

    Hi Justin,
    thanks for reply.

    Actually, my question was about the standalone plugin built on the VCD extensibility framework – I already verified the compatibility.

    So, I apologize if I missed it, but should I open a feature request or will I find the plugin developed in the main repository?

    Thank you



    Hi Raff – There is an existing feature request named, “Provide Self Service plug-in for vCloud / vCD version 9.x” that I think fits what you are looking for. As noted though, some partners have already created there own plugins primarily to broker a connection to a ZSSP session. Any comments and use cases on the feature request would be great though and thanks in advance! — Justin

    Voted – thank you Justin!

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