vCenter migration including new AD domain

  • Greetings,

    We are preparing for upgrading to vspshere 6.5.x. Part of this requires us to upgrade to Zerto 5.5 prior to the VMware upgrade.

    We have 5 vcenters that are connected together in Zerto including a ZCM that are all on 5.0u1. We will only be upgrading 3 of the 5 vcenters (and hosts) to 6.5. The other two are older h/w that will remain on vSphere 5.5 until they go away.

    The first vcenter we will upgrade is one of our recovery sites. It will be moving from a windows based vcenter to a VCSA and changing AD domain membership. Any ideas on how I can plan for the ZVM changes required to support this vcenter change and not lose or corrupt my 100’s of VPG’s etc?



    Hi Ron,

    I’ve done the vCenter upgrade/migration from the Windows based installation of v5.5, moving to the VCSA v6.0 (and have since upgraded to v6.5). I can tell you that from a Zerto perspective, I had to absolutely no issues. If you use the special installer from VMWare, especially for this situation (migrating from Windows to VCSA) from a practical perspective, nothing changes. Your vCenter machine name, IP Address, domain membership, database, everything, remains the same. It honestly was far more easy than I thought. As soon as the upgrade was done and the new vCenter booted up, Zerto just kicked right back in. Sure it had to do a few bitmap sync’s, but that’s to be expected.

    Now, you’re talking about changing domains as well. That’s where things are going to be much more complicated for you. I don’t think there is an easy way to do this, but you should open a support ticket and ask. I’ve never done this, so I’m not going to claim to be an expert, but I think at a minimum you’re going to need to re-register Zerto with vCenter, ensure you have proper credentials for the new domain and such. It might be even more complicated. The VPG’s might not like that. You might have to export the VPG settings, then blast it all way, do your vCenter and ZVM work, then import the VPG’s. I’m really not sure about that. You should definitely open a support ticket to discuss with an engineer.

    I can tell you I have done many vCenter upgrades and as far as Zerto is concerned, as long as vCenter and its database stays the same, Zerto is happy. Moving from Windows to VCSA, doesn’t matter. All good. Upgrading from VCSA 6.0 to VCSA 6.5 via deploying a new VM, all good, no issues.

    That’s been my experience. Hope it goes well for you. If you want any pointers on getting the migration from v5.5 Windows to v6.0 VCSA, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve been through it and any gotchas I can pass along might save you some headaches.


    Thanks for the follow-up and details. Yeah the domain thing sucks but it is an isolated island that needs to go away. I suspect you’re right about the Zerto piece and will definitely open a support request in advance. Never a dull moment!


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