vCenter Datastore Cluster for Journal Volumes?

  • We are protecting 110 VMs across 10 hosts.  Currently, we have about 150 journal volumes located on a dedicated datastore.  I’m planning on bringing up a dedicated Datastore Cluster for the journal volumes, so I can spread out the I/O between 8-10 datastores.  Just wondering if there’s any potential issues with this solution.


    Hello Dylan,


    You can change the location of the Journal’s datastore from the “Edit VPG” Wizard.

    Replication tab > VM Settings > Journal’s datastore.

    That should not cause any issues, within the time frame the svMotion task is taking place in the hypervisor you will be limited to perform recovery operations.



    Although I appreciate the response, that’s not what I asked.  I know how to move the journals, and that you can svMotion them without any problem.  My questions are:

    • Are there any issues with using a vSphere Datastore Cluster for journal volumes?
    • Has anyone else used a Datastore Cluster for journal volumes, and if so, would you recommend it?

    Hello Dylan,

    Sorry for not getting the question on point.

    There are no issues with using a vSphere datastore cluster for journal volume location.

    I assume there are some customers who use that configuration, as for recommendation that depends on your administration preferences and needs.


    We have 2 sites each with a ZVM and 1 ZCM to allocate compute resources from vCenter.  I am NOT able to use the ZCM to add resources from ZCM to a ZORG, why??    And yes, i rescanned the ESXi hosts for new storage.


    Let me rephrase that, I am not able to see the data store clusters in the ZCM to allocate to a ZORG, why?



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