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vCenter 6.0u3 support

  • When will vCenter 6.0U3 be officially supported ?

    New Critical vulnerability applicable to all vCenter 6.0 only got patched in 6.0U3b: https://www.vmware.com/security/advisories/VMSA-2017-0007.html

    The latest Zerto Interop Matrix still only lists VC 6.0U2 as supported.

    Hello Mark,

    Zerto does support vSphere 6.03 already. It is recommended prodeure to enable Zerto for callhome to get the updated versions automatically. If you for whatever reason decide, to not enable callhome, you can always raise a support case with Zerto and ask for the procedure to manually update the information on supported versions.

    <span style=”color: #800000;”>It is very important to verify with support prior to changing anything!</span>

    However, 6.03 is supported and you have to do the following:


    Navigate to your installation path for Zerto on the ZVM and search for the “supported_updates.txt” file.

    Open it in the editor and search for “ESX_6 02” string and replace it with “ESX_6 03”.

    Save and exit and restart the ZVM service. This will show 6.03 as a supported version in the compatibility list in the site settings. Zerto will update the existing documentation in each update, so expect the correct listing in the doc for our update 5.0.3

    Happy to answer additional questions.

    Please also refer to this: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/update-zvm-to-support-vsphere-releases-before-full-zvr-update/




    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the info. Actually I am after the qualification status of vCenter not ESXi. I am aware of the forward compatibility workaround available to ESXi, but wondering where your engineering’s at in regarding to qualifying the vCenter. Hesitate to upgrading our vCenters to 6.0u3 without your official support.


    the compatibility is also valid for vcenter 6.0.3

    in any case you can always log a call with support and have them validate for you.



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