V2V migration testing before final sync up

  • I want to know if Zerto has the feature which we require during V2V migration. Presently, we are doing migration of virtual machines on VMware from source Datacenter to target data center, using Zerto. Both source DC and target DC are located far away , in two different cities in US. We have good connectivity between duo, and hence zerto migrations are smooth.

    My current procedure of using zerto : We create VPGs, a week in advance to cutover date, and zerto transfers data to target DC , but keeps it in journals. This means although data is there in target DC, I cannot switch on the VM, until VPG move happens or the final sync happens. This means my application team cannot test the target environment before we do a VPG move. On the date of cutover , we do a VPG move, and source VMs are shutdown by zerto. Now Target VMs are up, and app team tests application. In case of an issue, a roll back happens.

    Problem: I want application team to test their applications prior to cutover date, as this can avoid rollbacks. Platespin and other tools allow us to check target VMs even before final sync up, but Zerto do not.

    Do we have a solution to this, in Zerto ?

    Hello Nirmesh,

    I believe what you are trying to accomplish can be done using the failover test feature:



    Failover tests will be possible as soon as the VPG is in a meeting SLA status.

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