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Using Zerto to seed Replication

  • I have a scenario where I need to replicate 15 TB from the UK over a 20 Mbps connection. Can I use Zerto to replicate a copy of live VMs to a local NAS and then ship the NAS to my US data center to “Seed” the initial replication and then use Zerto to replicate the changes after the initial “seeding”? Kind of the Zerto to Snowball approach…

    Hi Roy, I’ve done this a number of times. I would spin a backup of a VM to a USB drive, ship the drive to the remote location, restore the raw VMDK files where I want them, then setup the VPG and choose the pre-seed option. It will then only have to do a delta sync.

    Hi Roy – Zerto supports preseeding. https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/preseeding-volumes/

    So long as the disk you use for preseeding is the same size, the software will be able to use it to get synchronized more efficiently.

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