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Using Zerto to replicate from Azure to AWS

  • Hello. We are thinking of engaging in a project where we can replicate our current Azure VM’s located in 1 VNET in 1 region into a VPC located in AWS. I know the Zerto appliance is available in both AWS and Azure. Is it possible to spin them up in both AWS and AZURE and confifure them to replicate from Azure to AWS. Also is is failback supported?

    Hi Mukesh,

    If I understand correctly, as it stands today Zerto can replicate between AWS and Azure.  At the moment, intracloud replication is supported for Azure (ie. between Azure regions) but not for AWS at this time.

    I would also bring this up with your account team so they could provide a bit more information.

    I hope this helps

    Hosted Infrastructure L

    Greetings:  Its 18 months later and we have need for inter region replication in AWS.  Wondering if it is available yet.  Thanks, -Paul

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