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Using internet access by scale set from Azure

  • I read the document “Zerto Virtual Manager Administration Guide” P32
    And I checked the below sentence.

    ” Internet access is required for the VMs created with the Azure scale set service.”

    I want to know the internet access port range of scale set.



    This is Vladimir M with Zerto.

    The scale set doesn’t use port range, it actually uses URL. Here is the URL information:

    • URLs relevant for the worker installation process:
    • URLs relevant for the worker package to be downloaded from Zerto S3 repository:
      • zasa.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com https:443 Http:80
      • zasa.s3.amazonaws.com Https:443  Http:80

    Thank you  for reply.
    I use Zerto in only Azure environment.
    so my environment need only below URLs?

    URLs relevant for the worker installation process:

    azure.archive.ubuntu.com Http:80
    security.ubuntu.com Http: 80

    So, I need at least open port 80. my understanding right?
    (If using URL filter, I need allow these URLs)

    Please tell me about addtional question.

    Does Scale set always uses internet access?
    Or during installation only?
    Or during virtual machine replication only?
    Or during failover only?


    Sorry for the many questions.
    After all, is the Internet requirement for the Scaleset only at the time of installation?


    7.0 requires access to those endpoints above for failover only.

    7.5 requires access for replication and failover, but only to these two endpoints:

    azure.archive.ubuntu.com Http:80

    security.ubuntu.com Http: 80

    Zerto 8.0 will not require any endpoint access

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