Using an Azure Template to create site to site VPN

  • Just re-did my whole Azure VPN and DR Blob.

    I used the latest VPN ‘template’ that somebody created on Azure and it worked like a charm. From creating the VPN to installing the VM at Azure and re-doing the whole deal on my end took about 4 hours. But, that was fast!


    I had created a VPN with Azure originally earlier in the year from scratch and it was very painful without using a Azure site-to-site vpn template.

    I didnt use the VPN template that Zerto has listed in their documentation, but rather the site-to-site template that is on the Azure site that does NOT contain the ‘test’ linux server.



    Hi Dennis,

    Great to hear that you had such success using the Azure site-to-site VPN template.

    I can talk to the documentation team and see if we can amend our documentation to mention the Azure templates.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us!

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